Youtube Video Download Pro 2012

Youtube Video Download Pro 2012

Youtube Video Download Pro 2012 will download videos from YouTube
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Youtube Video Download Pro 2012 is a program that will download videos from YouTube.
This program also allows to convert a video file to a lot of other video formats, or the MP3 audio format. This way, you can load your portable device with new videos or audio files coming from the Internet.

You will have to paste the URL of the video into the downloader´s interface. You can also tell the program if you want to keep the video in the native FLV format, or convert the video to AVI, WMV, MOV, 3GP or MPG. It is also possible to convert the videos to the MP4 format (for Sony PSP or iPod), or just grab the audio, in MP3 format.

You can tell the program to delete the downloaded FLV file when the conversion is finished. It is also possible to choose the folder where you want the program to save the downloaded and/or converted videos.

I must tell you that this program has some problems when you change the default folder. Sometimes, if the new name is too long, or if it contains spaces, the program will not do anything. You will see no warnings, but you will not get any file in the desired folder. The program does not allow to select the quality of the video that you want to download or convert, and it seems to select the lowest quality available. And the "Search" function does not work. Not at all.

In brief, this program does the job quickly, but has a lot of troubles, and it does not allow you to get videos in high-quality.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows you to download videos and convert them to a format that your portable device can play


  • It does not allow you to select the quality of the videos
  • The "Search" function does not work
  • The program has troubles when you change the name of the destination folder
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